Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Using my time wisely!

I finally have a surgery date scheduled! I have been dealing with this Urology issue since the end of October and we finally are doing the last surgery the 3rd week in February. I am beyond relieved. While I am still off work I am doing a lot of card making. It is a little difficult because my scrap studio is in an outbuilding we have that is not heated. During the winter, if I want to scrap, I need to plan ahead. I need to go out there the day before I want to do anything and start up the little space heater. Not very efficient, but it works and I love my little place out there. Now, if it only had a bathroom and some heat it would be perfect. Seeing I am pretty much housebound with this nephrostomy tube in place, it doesn't pay to keep the heater going all the time. Much to my husbands dismay, I have turned our dining room into a mini scrap room. Problem is, everytime I am working on something, I think of something else I think would be cool to bring into the house. After many trips outside and my Mom hauling in all sorts of supplies this is what it looks like right now. Not ideal, but the best I am going to get under the circumstances. The best thing about it is forcing me to use what I have! It's kind of freeing and I am really digging it. Really goes to show you how much you can create with some stamp pads,a cricut, cardstock and patterned paper.

So in my current scrap room I have been kicking out some serious cards using the Close to My Heart Wishes & Originals books for inspiration. If these books are sitting on your shelf pull them down and USE them. They are endless sources of inspiration. You can use up so many of your scraps using the templates for each card. I love that I don't need to reinvent the wheel to create beautiful cards. Here are some of the cards I have created in the past couple days. I really am still pushing through the Sweetheart paper pack. Who knew there was SO much paper in this pack? I have substituted contraband (a.k.a. non-CTMH product) to complete these cards. What can I say, I'm an equal opportunity scrapbooker! Enjoy!


  1. Great cards Kim!!! Good news about your surgery!! I couldn't imagine having to sit around waiting to feel better!! At least you're getting some scrap time in (: I am really looking forward to our new challenge blog!! I pulled out Flutter (one of my first stamps) and created a layout with it and my scraps. I added a few of our new wooden shapes. Can't wait to share it (:

  2. Sorry you are stuck at home but really cute cards!

  3. Love the black and pink with the just of you flower! So pretty!
    Looking forward to working with you in the new challenges!